NSX News You Can Use by Roger Fortier – October 25, 2016


·        In Virtualization Review, Dan Kusnetzky reports on VMware’s announcement that its Photon Platform will add networking and storage services powered by NSX and Virtual SAN arguing that this move is a strong expansion of VMware’s go-to-market strategy, and is “likely to convince some that VMware is the way to go.”

·        Chris Preimesberger with eWeek highlights how VMworld Europe’s end-user computing announcements, including the release of vSphere 6.5 and Virtual SAN 6.5, fit nicely into VMware’s larger vision for Cross-Cloud Architecture by further integrating “the world’s most ubiquitous network virtualization platform:” NSX.

·        In his latest VMware feature for TechTarget, Antone Gonsalves interviews Shamus McGillicuddy and other IT thought leaders about the value propositions associated with VMware’s recently announced partnership with Amazon, with McGillicuddy suggesting that “the glue for the VMware-AWS hybrid cloud is NSX” and referring to the product as a “key enabler” of the integration.

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