Hybrid Cloud Manager and Cross-Cloud vMotion Revisited

Last year at VMworld 2015, we announced Hybrid Cloud Manager and its support for Cross-Cloud vMotion. This past fall we released Hybrid Cloud Manager 2.0 to make this a reality in a General Availability release.

Currently, there’s no solution other than Hybrid Cloud Manager/vCloud Air to vMotion a VM to the cloud with no downtime. VMware has Cross Cloud vMotion as part of Hybrid Cloud Manager to migrate vSphere VM to vCloud Air:


As many of you know Hybrid Cloud Manager (HCM) and Advanced Networking Services (ANS) are new features of vCloud Air. I want to share some clarifications to alleviate some confusion.

HCM does provide L2 Stretch using IPSec. So, VXLAN is not needed and therefore NSX is not needed. Customer will need to purchase Hybrid Networking as an Add-on to Dedicated Cloud. Min. $500/month.

First, HCM Appliance is free but the Hybrid Networking Add-on to vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud is not free and is required.

Minimum requirements on-prem: vSphere 5.5+ with Web Client, ESXi 5.0+
Minimum requirements in vCloud Air: Dedicated Cloud, upgraded Edge Gateway (this is very confusing, because customer will have to upgrade their Edge Gateway just like ANS, but no Advanced Networking purchase is required) – Instead of contacting Ops to upgrade their dedicated cloud to ANS, the customer should self-upgrade through the UI (this of course depends on Ops making their environment upgrade-ready on the backend; this is being rolled out now, but a support ticket could help prioritize), Hybrid Networking SKU (either Standard or Premium)

Optional: Having Advanced Networking Standard or Premium will enable a customers to stretch more than 10 networks (as it provides that additional scale capability) , but it is NOT required.


Hybrid Cloud Manager (vCloud Air Hybrid Networking) –http://vcloud.vmware.com/service-offering/hybrid-cloud-manager


VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager—A free (just the appliance is free), downloadable solution for vSphere Web Client users with optional fee-based capabilities, this solution improves the vSphere admin experience by consolidating various capabilities into one easy-to-use solution for managing workloads in vCloud Air from the vSphere Web Client. It also provides workload migration, data center extension, and improved hybrid management features within the vSphere Web Client. This service is available as of last year. Learn More


DEMO from Product Manager, Simon Momber