Containers Adoption by Enterprise Customers -Hyatt

It’s almost 2017, and if you still think Containers are just a fad or a phase and customers are not going to adopt it then you may be left behind as a vendor/reseller. Did you know that Uber does all its development using Containers? And Hyatt just announced they will move to using Containers next year for its development.
For partners that have not enabled their Sales and Technical staff on this technology, they better jump on the train before they are left behind. The movement of Cloud and running Containers in on-premises and Hybrid Cloud is here. People are doing it. Customers are using it in Production.

At VMware, we have two approaches to support Containers. Using vSphere Integrated Containers and/or Photon Platform.

With vSphere Integrated Containers, containers run side-by-side along with VMs and are treated as a First-Class citizen. No more running Containers inside a GuestOS inside a VM. This way developers can still develop using Containers and vSphere Admins can still use vCenter/vSphere Client to manage the environment with visibility to containers. It truly is the best of both worlds. vSphere Integrated Containers 1.0 is now GA and can be used by customers running VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus Edition™, VMware vSphere with Operations Management™ Enterprise Plus edition and VMware vCloud Suite®.

If you are interested in trying out vSphere Integrated Containers, listed below are quick-start guides that will help you get started.

We’ve put together a couple of external blog posts announcing the release; they can be found at the following links:


The other approach of VMware supporting Containers is using Photon Platform. This is a brand new distributed platform built from the grounds up with open-source code and has many new features.capture

To get started with Photon:

There are a few articles that talks about which approach to take when supporting Containers with VMware. You may actually want to use both approaches together in some cases.