​vRealize Production Test 1.7.0 is now GA

vRealize Production Test 1.7.0 is now GA.  This tool was created from the ground up by the Management BU Engineering Services Organization to help customers monitor their vRealize Suite tools in a production setting and ensure they are functioning as expected. This tool goes far beyond the ping or API tests that you may have had to rely on up to this point. It is a light-weight java based tool which can be downloaded from VMware Download site (see bottom of article) and configured very quickly to execute a cross-cutting selection of standardized tests in your environment. It can be installed and run from any machine with Java 1.7 or higher installed, and which has appropriate access to all of the hosts in your deployment. This is also great tool for vRA upgrades/migrations.
VMware KB2134520 documents the steps to use vRealize Production Test Tool to validate and test the vRealize Automation configuration and identify potential configuration failures, password expiration, certificate errors and more. VMware KB2140013 documents how to use it to validate your vRealize Operations Manager cluster.

GA Date: 1/5/2017

What’s new?

vRPT 1.7.0 brings monitoring enhancements to provide more health information about the IaaS and vRealize Orchestrator components in the vRealize Automation deployments as well as easier integration with vRealize LogInsight through the console output of vRPT.


New Features

  • vRealize Orchestrator Cluster Status Monitoring
  • vRealize Automation IaaS DEM monitoring
  • SSL Certificate Check with configurable validity warning
  • Test result integration with vRealize LogInsight
  • Environment configuration data in test report
  • Upgrade assessment support for customers coming from vRealize Automation 6.2.5
  • Simplified report uploads through PhoneHome telemetry


Download Details

Download Page: https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/details?downloadGroup=VRPT_170&productId=624