Add All-Flash Support to vSAN 6.0/6.1/6.2 STD

With vSAN 6.5, we announced that all-flash support would be available to all editions (STD, ADV and ENT). Following that, there have been a few threads on if pre-vSAN 6.5 customers could now deploy vSAN on all-flash hardware. The answer is yes, and we now have an official KB (#2148560) available on this.

Here’s the quick blurb on how to do this:

Customers with vSAN 6.0/6.1/6.2 STD can add all-flash support to their licenses by converting their licenses to a “vSAN 6 with All Flash Add-on” license. You can convert your license through the license “downgrade” process in the MyVMware portal (this is simply a license conversion process and not a downgrade from one version to a prior version).

The bigger hurdle for customers in this process is of course getting all the new hardware in place. I strongly recommend that for any customer interested in this you make sure they consider if they would save more money by upgrading to vSAN ADV (with the flash space efficiency features) and buying fewer flash drives. In many cases, erasure coding alone can save them enough in drive costs to make the upgrade to ADV attractive or worthwhile.