NSX News You Can Use By Roger Fortier – February 21, 2017

Source: @rogertfortier
In this edition of News You Can Use, we look at coverage that highlights NSX-T’s importance to the future of the data center, with articles in CRN, TechTarget and Enterprise Networking Planet that discuss the promise of the NSX-T platform about the potential of the trailblazing new product.

  • CRN’s Mark Haranas included NSX-T in his latest new product slideshow, “10 Innovative New Networking Products That Are Turning Heads,” noting that new offering “has expanded” NSX by being compatible with non-vSphere environments.
  • In his latest, TechTarget’s Brian Kirsch looks at how outdated data centers should be modernized by adopting a hyper-converged infrastructure and software-defined networking like NSX, suggesting that “the portability and microsegmentation that VMware’s NSX brings is becoming an enabling technology that’s needed in a modern data center.”
  • In an article for Enterprise Networking Planet, reporter Sean Michael Kerner addresses how NSX provides a new way of looking at security, stating that through NSX-T “right now, VMware has the opportunity to fundamentally change how we think about computing.”
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Roger T. Fortier
Senior Manager, Public Relations