Eye on VMware 03/03/2017

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download11This week I have started a Podcast to mirror these weekly updates. You can find the podcast here. Subscribe to it if you want an audio version of this newsletter.

Just yesterday we released 3 product updates:

  1. vRealize Operations Manager 6.5 – focuses on enhancing product scalability limits and troubleshooting capabilities
  2. vRealize Log Insight 4.3.0 – Now supports VMware Identity Manager Single Sign-On, UI enhancements and Agent features
  3. vRealize Business for Cloud 7.2.1 – tightly-coupled integration with vROps, re-brands cloud business analysis report as Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA)


Great news for vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA): With the release of vROps 6.5 yesterday, the VOA download link now includes a special build of vROps 6.5 that has the VOA report PAK already installed! Try it out here: https://www.vmware.com/assessment/voa
For partners that need the latest report PAK that is compatible to vROps 6.5, please reach out to me or your SE.

Horizon Cloud: For a summary of Horizon Cloud, please check the Special Edition of Eye on VMware Update email from this past January 27 for more NDA details. I have included my notes there. There is also a great public blog post by my colleague, Tim Sandy about Horizon Cloud.

PARTNERS: Q1FY18 Partner Launch Briefing portal, just a reminder to review for NSX, Horizon Cloud, Horizon Apps and App Volumes:

Now for a Summary of VMware News Update from this past week.

Sales News:

Technical News:

  • 368TB vSAN* Powered by Intel® Solid State Drives – A demo of a 64-node, 368 Terabyte Virtual SAN powered by Intel® SSDs.
  • Introduction to PhotonOS — via vOrcunus – Since the cloud native landscape has been greatly embraced by the developers and the open source community, we witness an increasing momentum on container runtimes. The focus center is shifting from virtual machines to containers and running microservices in minimalistic operating systems is becoming mainstream (ok, not that fast but we will definitely be there).
  • Docker Containerd Explained in Plain Words
    via VMware Cloud-Native Apps Blog – download-7I have been frequently asked “what’s [Docker] Containerd?” The short answer I gave may be of benefit for the larger community so I am turning this into a short blog post. I hope the condensed format is useful.
  • VMware Horizon 7 True SSO: Advanced Features — via VMware EUC Blog – In a previous blog, we saw how to deploy VMware Horizon 7 True SSO in a lab environment. The diagram below is a recap of the deployment:
  • Profiling Applications with VMware User Environment Manager (UEM), Part 1: Introduction to Application Profiler – download-6Successful management of applications across physical, virtual, and cloud devices is becoming increasingly important. Whether your organization fits neatly in to one of those silos, or spans all three, the challenge is finding tools designed to work well for any one platform, and seamlessly across them all. VMware User Environment Manager is one of those tools. With a little savvy, you can provide a superior experience for your end users while simplifying profile management.
  • Dell Adds Gateways for Industrial Internet of Things — via SDxCentral – Dell released some new edge gateways for the Internet of Things, combining connectivity and compute for analytics capabilities at the edge.
  • Reminder: VCP5-DCV Retirement Date is Approaching — via VMware Education & Certification Blog – Last October I told you that the VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV) certification exams would be retiring this month. I just wanted to remind everyone of these important dates.
  • Enhancements for vSAN 6.0-6.2 with vSphere 6.0U3