NSX News You Can Use by Roger Fortier – March 6, 2017


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In this week’s News You Can Use, we hear from Tom Corn in a podcast from BankInfoSecurity on using the cloud to prevent breaches. We also learn about an early adopter of NSX, Baystate Health, as well as some best practices for migrating new or existing applications onto VMware NSX.

  • BankInfoSecurity’s Matt Schwartz spoke with VMware’s Tom Corn at RSA 2017 on how the cloud can be used to improve security “by helping to separate data from applications, networks and other infrastructure.” In this podcast, Corn discusses how to better leverage the cloud for security, the benefits of using virtualization, and the need to design enterprise IT environments that are simpler and easier to secure.
  • TechTarget’s Allisa Irei reports on how network architect Mike Weisse has spent the past few years helping Baystate Health become an early adopter of hyper-converged infrastructure and VMware NSX. Weisse hopes the healthcare organization has a future as a small-scale SDN service provider, “using microsegmentation and multi-tenancy to securely run other organizations’ networks parallel to its own.”
  • Matt Brown of CRN reports on Dell EMC’s push to lead market transformation against Cisco in open, software-defined networking strategies. A top executive at a data center solutions provider who works with both Dell EMC and Cisco claimed, “Why do I want to buy all these really expensive [Cisco] switches when I can just layer in NSX? VMware virtualized server, storage and networking and it’s a problem for Cisco. I don’t think they have an answer for it.”
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Roger T. Fortier
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