Eye on VMware 03/27/2017

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This past week I returned from PTO. I was out in Japan and Vietnam for about 10 days. It was very interesting to see the difference between a very modern and expensive country versus a developing and very inexpensive country. FB24A934-FC45-4DC3-9A2E-3A561B01A892Here are some photos if you are interested. This week I am out at our headquarters in Palo Alto for the CTO Ambassadors Conference. It will be a busy agenda-filled week for sure.

The biggest updates these past couple of weeks are probably around vSAN:

  1. vSAN Assessment no longer requires a reboot! See more details here.
  2. vSAN, 1st HCI to support Intel Optane (non-volatile memory technology that can be used as both storage and memory)

As I am looking to get certified on AWS, I have been looking at Serverless Computing more. It is a very nice and simple architecture for developers, so I think more customers will start to adopt it as they develop cloud native applications. In fact, if I had some spare time I would convert this WordPress site into a Serverless environment using Hugo static website creator to generate the content to be served by Amazon S3 and CloudFront. It will be very interesting to see how customers will innovate with the integration of both VMware on AWS and Amazon services. I think this will be key as some customers embrace Internet of Things (IoT) in the future.

Now for a Summary of VMware News Update from this past week.

Sales News:

  • VMware IoT Solutions Summary [topitvideos.com] – download (1)Mimi Spier, Senior Director of IoT Marketing, Business Development, and Strategy at VMware, walks us through the VMware demos on display at IoTSWC 2016.
  • Partner Perspectives: Adding Value with VMware vSAN
    [VMware Power of Partnership Blog] – SHI“We’re not just selling infrastructure for the sake of infrastructure” – 20-year veterans in software and hardware procurement, deployment planning, configuration, data center optimization, IT asset management and cloud computing, SHI offers custom IT solutions for every aspect of a customer’s environment. CaptureThey also deploy VMware solutions within their own environment. As Josh Dunsky, Director of Business Development explained, “We evolved our solution areas primarily around users, security, and data center which maps to how VMware built their portfolio.” – Watch the SHI partner story with Josh Dunsky.
  • Amway Quickens IT Services Delivery by Automating Private Cloud – When Amway initiated a proof of value for delivering IaaS via its private cloud, they chose VMware vRealize Automation to speed service delivery. As a result, provisioning time dropped from 7 weeks to 60 minutes, and they realized benefits that extended across IT.
  • Executive Perspectives: Mark Cressey, Liberty Mutual – VMware sat down with forward-thinking customers to learn how they are supporting digital business transformation. Mark Cressey, senior vice president and general manager of IT hosting services at Liberty Mutual, discusses how cloud accelerates service delivery and innovation for the company.
  • Executive Perspectives: Christi Liebe, Rent-A-Center, on DevOps – VMware sat down with forward-thinking customers to learn how they are supporting digital business transformation. Rent-A-Center CTO Christi Liebe shares her insights on building the IT-business partnership through DevOps.
  • Virtual Network Assessment (VNA) – Sales & Technical Overview for Partners – download (2)In this enablement session, our Technical Partner Manager, Tim Sandy provide a Sales & Technical Overview of VMware’s Virtual Network Assessment (VNA) which is a VMware partner-led assessment tool. Tim discusses what it is, how partners can benefit from using it, and the installation and configuration steps of doing the assessment.
  • Q1’17 Workspace ONE Packaging Update – Learn about the updates to Workspace ONE pricing and packaging, announced in March 2017.

Technical News:

  • #vSAN Assessment Update. Now Rebootless! Take the plunge into HCI [blogs.vmware.com] – Hyper-converged infrastructure has quickly become the hottest topic in the data center modernization journey. However, many customers are still evaluating how to best assess their HCI needs. Fear not! A very simple and quick vSAN Assessment may provide you the answer.Picture2-1-970x264.png
  • Cisco UCS Blades Powered by VMware vSAN [blogs.vmware.com] – On 03/25, we announced the much awaited support for VMware vSAN on Cisco UCS blade as an All-Flash ReadyNode. This enables a new vSAN blade platform on Cisco in addition to a number of vSAN Ready Nodes already supported on the UCS C-Series rackmount servers.
  • Nuclear subs seek virtual SAN, says VMware download (3)[theregister.co.uk] – vSAN may get a gig on UK’s Astute-class boats. There are references on the internet to a Dell/VMware solution for targeting torpedoes aboard HMS Artful, one of the Royal Navy’s Astute-Class fleet. Duncan also mentioned at the VMUG meeting that vSAN is definitely getting a filesystem.
  • Provisioning to Azure from vRA -Part 1 of 2 [bkdatacentre.com] – This post will go over the details on how to provision to Azure from vRA 7.2 by setting up Microsoft Azure and adding it as an endpointt to VMware vRealize Automation 7.2.
  • Stateful Containers on vSphere with the Orchestrator of your Choice – Docker Swarm of Google Kubernetes [blogs.vmware.com] – If you analyze the list of most pulled images on Docker Hub, images for running data intensive workloads in containers are among the most used of the top 10-15 images. Mongo, MySQL, Redis, Postgres, etc. each have over 10 million pulls and this tells a story by itself. Additionally, containers do not meet the requirements for effortlessly running data intensive applications and persisting state. Containers lack security, data integrity, data protection, etc. all qualities which are currently available in the vSphere eco-system.
  • SQL Server VM Performance with VMware vSphere 6.5 [blogs.vmware.com] perf-per-watt-ds3– Achieving optimal SQL Server performance on vSphere has been a constant focus here at VMware; I’ve published past performance studies with vSphere 5.5 and 6.0 which showed excellent performance up to the maximum VM size supported at the time.
  • VMware Validated Design for SDDC 4.0 Architecture Reference Poster [blogs.vmware.com] – downloadOn March 2nd 2017 we released the VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center 4.0. A milestone release in our commitment to delivering our customers standardized, proven, and robust data-center level designs for the Software-Defined Data Center.
  • How To Back Up a vCenter Server Appliance [virtualizationreview.com] – The new version of vSphere includes a simple, easy backup tool.

That’s all for now! If you have read this far, thank you so much and enjoy your week.