vSAN 6.6 is now GA!

Some notable quotes:

“It’s almost as though regular converged hardware and software was a Toyota Corolla left in a cloud of dust by a hyperconverged Mazerati” – Chris Preimesberger, VMware’s vSAN 6.6 First to Debut Native HCI Security, eWeek, April 12

“Overall the continued improvement and value-adds VMware continues to bring to the vSAN product has been fantastic. From the start the team hasn’t been shy on talking about performance, which contrasts starkly with many HCI vendors that dread the topic.” Kevin OBrien, VMware Continues to Push the HCI Market with vSAN 6.6, Storage Review, April 13

“A big win” [for the benefit of VMware partners] – Kurt Marko, VMware vSAN 6.6 Eases Hyperconverged Storage Adoption, Channel Partners Online, April 11

“Overall a good set of enhancements as vSAN continues its evolution” – Greg Schulz, VMWARE ANNOUNCES VSAN V6.6 HYPER-CONVERGED (HCI) SOFTWARE DEFINED DATA INFRASTRUCTURE, Datacenter Journal, April 17

“Overall, VSAN 6.6 is an impressive looking release, one that will be fun to dig into for an in-depth review.” – Trevor Pott, VMware Releases vSAN 6.6, Virtualization and Cloud Review, April 12

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GA Date: April 18, 2017

What’s New

* SW Encyrption

* Rebuild and Resync enhancements

* Nested Fault Domains

* Throttle Resync

* Multicast Removal

* DDHv2

* vSAN Management Enhancements

* Easy Install/ AutoConfiguration

* vSAN Performance Enhancements

* vSAN Health Analytics Tool

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Build Number

ESXi 5310538 , VC 5318154

vSAN Hardware Compatibility List