DockerCon 2017 Recap


This past week I was in Austin, TX at DockerCon. This was my first year attending it. Being a developer in the past, I can definitely feel the excitement with all the attendees. Docker made a few announcements on stage.

CEO of Docker on stage. 2017 5,500 attendees 4th yr 14M Hosts 900K apps 77K% job growth 12B image pulls 3300 contributor. Docker keeps planes in air, healthcare, military, intuit 25M tax returns run through Docker 04/18/2017 (Tax Day).

Docker contributors 40.6% made by Docker. Most are individual contributors

Day 1

  • Demo multi-stage builds & Desktop-to-cloud deploy to AWS
  • Docker for operators. Secure orchestration with SwarmKit
  • Docker LinuxKit Secure, lean, portable Linux subsystem since most aren’t Linux running underneath
  • Microsoft on stage showing Linux containers running native on Hyper-V
  • Docker moby Project – provides a library of components, a framework for assembling them into custom container-based systems. Moby is designed for system builders. Demo of Kubernetes on a Mac deployed using Docker Moby Project.

Day 2

  • Dockerize traditional apps without changing a line of code? I guess we’re assuming we are writing a wrapper around old code? If you take a traditional app to container and get 5x greater efficiency? I really want to see the data that supports that
  • customer success story 130 billion transactions per year. In production for 6 months. 100k transactions per day.
  • AlibabaCloud during Singles Day (11/11) 175K transactions per second? Wow largest cloud in China
  • Oracle in a Container – how does running Oracle in a Container affect Oracle licensing?
  • on stage announcing oracle, fusion, weblogic, coherence on DockerStore FREE for dev/test
  • Very short list of Modernize Traditional Apps (MTA) Program
  • on stage. New digital revolution is mobile Fountain Pen to the Cloud. MetLife uses Docker Enterprise Edition on Azure and in the datacenter.