Eye on VMware 5/22/2017


A bit delayed on the update this week and that is because I’m out in Beijing, China helping with a NSX LiveFire training. For partners interested in future LiveFire sessions, please reach out to your Partner Managers.

Last week I was in Austin, TX again participating in some Partner training. I delivered a quick 60 minutes whiteboard on vSAN and NSX during an event. There were some lively discussions. Many realized the power of NSX and the disruptive positive changes on how NSX can transform a traditional data center into a more agile and automated environment. vSAN is an easier sell for most, but NSX is a huge game changer. We talked about the 3 most common use cases for NSX:

  1. Security with Microsegmentation
  2. Network virtualization with Automation
  3. Application Continuity/Disaster Recovery 

I also participated in some Sales enablement where we trained them on NSX, vRealize, vSAN and Workspace ONE (Horizon/AirWatch). It felt like speed dating as we rotate the teams of sales reps around the room.

Things are heating up with our Partners on VMware Network Assessment. This is where we use vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) as a tool to assess the customer’s virtual network. We are seeing an average of 80-90% of traffic as East-West traffic. This is the VM-to-VM traffic. Most companies find difficulties in securing this traffic and this is where NSX can provide a solution to our customers. This fills the void that many of our customers are looking for. In fact, in an upcoming Top Gun Tech Thursdays session, I plan on showing how we can use vRNI to export recommended Microsegmentation security policies and import them into NSX as well as the Application Rules Manager built-in to NSX.

Upcoming VMUG Meetings
05/23/2017 – Central Ohio VMUG UseCon
05/25/2017 – Wisconsin VMUG UseCon
05/25/2017 – Silicon Valley VMUG Meeting
05/31/2017 – Omaha VMUG Meeting
06/01/2017 – Boston Summer VMUG UserCon and EUC Explore

vmLIVE Partner Training Calendar

VMware Customer Webcasts
VMware Vision and What’s New in Desktop and Application Virtualization
May 24, 2017 11:00 a.m. PDT

Desktop and application virtualization continue to gain ground, and as we head into 2017- VMware will be introducing a number of new innovations designed to streamline management, enhance security, improve user experience and drive down costs. What’s more we will be making these innovations accessible for customers looking to deliver these workloads on prem or in the cloud. Join this session to find out more about what’s new with Horizon and where we are headed. This session will be jam-packed with demos.

May 25, 2017 11:00 a.m. PDT

Network and security operations traditionally have been handled by two different operations teams, although much of the same operations data is used, but differently on whether the operations team is troubleshooting a connectivity problem, or a security breach. Log data, traffic data, and API based data from the various different network devices are used by both Network and Security operations. vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) offers use cases for both teams, all from the same data collection sources.

May 25, 2017 11:00 a.m. PDT

Organizations around the world are experiencing a major shift as business goes digital. This digital transformation is reshaping the way enterprises operate, and opening the doors to new opportunities. Traditional, hardware-centric data centers can’t keep up with the faster pace. The digital economy requires a modern, software-defined data center that can securely extend to the public cloud.

June 1, 2017 11:00 a.m. PDT

Creating a demilitarized zone (DMZ) is an effective way to keep public and private assets separate, limiting the impact of security breaches. But since not all workloads in the DMZ are the same, they may have different vulnerabilities and risks. By using NSX in your DMZ, you can reduce the risk of mixed workloads becoming compromised, as well as lower response time and automate the actions and responses to incidents.

Now for a Summary of VMware News Update from this past week.

Sales News:

Technical News:

REMINDER: VMworld 2017 – Registration is live & Early Bird prices end June 6th. Join us in Vegas!