vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer is now Generally Available

vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer is now Generally Available! 

You  access the tool using the following link: https://vsansizer.vmware.com

What are the key features of the vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer? 

The key features of vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer are: 
Evaluation Sizer:
 A basic evaluation version of the vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer which requires minimal input such as the count of VMs and Aggregate storage to provide a high-level recommendation. This version does not require a sign-in to use the tool. 
For access to all features, a sign-in is required as detailed below
Access Control:
 To get access to the full feature set of vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer, a sign-in is required.  Customers need a “My VMware” account, VMware partners need a “Partner Central” account and employees can access the tool using their VMware user credentials
Simple and Advanced Sizer:
 Users can size for individual and mixed workloads using the Simple and Advanced Sizer respectively. Login is required to access these modules 
Overheads for Raw storage computation:
 The vSAN ReadyNode™ Sizer accounts for additional design overheads such as slack space, swap space, dedup overhead, compression overhead, disk formatting and base 10 to 2 conversion for computing storage needs
How do I access this tool? 

The basic Evaluation Sizer is available to everyone and does not require a sign-in. 

 To use the Simple and Advanced Sizer, you can use one of the 3 levels of access control that we have implemented:  
My VMware login:
 Customers can use their my.vmware.com login to access the tool. In addition for users without a VMware account, it is a quick and simple process to register for a my.vmware account 
Partner Central Login:
 VMware partners can use their existing Partner Central credentials to login and access the tool